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Mary's Story

We received a call about Mary, a middle school principal, recovering from surgery to remove glioblastomas (brain tumors which are usually highly malignant). There were several situations around the house that were adding to her stress. A leak in the roof, causing mildew stains on a section of wall and ceiling in her bathroom, was her chief concern. The problem was isolated to one area, a fairly steep section of the roof over the second story.

Mary ministered to us more than we did to her. What an example of simple trust in the Lord's love for her, and even with her diagnosis/prognosis, was resting in His grace and mercy. After praying with, and being encouraged by her, we set a day the next week and replaced an area of rotted roof decking, reinforcing and shingling to complete the repair. Mary was almost speechless with gratitude for the help.

We need your help to serve more people like Mary. HRM is projecting to complete more than 220 projects again, for the second straight year, as well as serving 104 households and over 200 people (estimate). Can you help us provide that level of support, for low-income and hurting homeowners like Mary, by making a generous year-end donation to HRM? We need raise $130,330, by December 31, to help us stay on track to complete 231 projects, and reach two hundred+ people with Christ's love, in 2017. Hitting our funding target will also put us on strong financial footing entering the new year.

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