Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.

When Marianne came to us for help, she had just lost her husband of many years. To add insult to injury, two months after he died her insurance company informed her that they would not renew the policy until she had the roof replaced. They gave her a month.

HRM and some friends did it in two days (six churches serving together with Meet the Need Atlanta)! Afterwards, Marianne chose another insurance company.

Marianne has become a real friend. Since the roof project, we have helped her with a several more things, including:

• Installing gutter covers Raccoon
• Helping line up a good price to remove the tree at the edge of the roof in front, in cooperation with Gwinnett Senior Services
• Patching holes in a gable
• Re-attaching her electrical service
• Advocating for her with a heating & air company to get her system working in the middle of the winter in cooperation with Gwinnett Senior Services
• A yard cleanup by a church youth group
• Sharing Christ with her dying friend
• A quick roof repair at her church
• Took her new pastor to a Unite! meeting
• Assisted in trapping 2 raccoons from her attic and relocated them (is there ever a normal day for HRM?)

Roof project pictures