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March 2014 Newsletter - Two Lives Impacted

Cornelia and the KidsLast November, you may remember, we came alongside a couple with small children to build a ramp for the husband, who had ALS. His illness progressed far more rapidly than was expected and he passed away March 10th at home. Now Cornelia faces a future known only to God and is deeply suffering this great loss. I visited her a few days after his death and we got to talk about some important things, including her church’s burial practices, views of the soul/spirit, and the resurrection. It was a joy to share the hope of eternity rooted in Jesus Christ - the Gospel. I also was able to point her to a grief counselor to help her through the process.

Bryson Roof ProjectYou also allowed us to help Ms. Bryson, an elderly widow overwhelmed with several significant house problems. Our volunteers’ own hope of the resurrection allowed them to show her a tangible expression of Jesus’ love. We were able to repair her roof, replace fascia board, gutters and a section of ceiling damaged by water (coming in from the roof). I was privileged to talk and pray with her, which she appreciated, since she can no longer get to church.

The Hope That Drives Us to Serve

God's Big Provision!

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