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March 2013 eNewsletter - Building Relationships With Homeowners

The bit we mentioned in the other story about building relationships with the homeowner is on our minds right now. This is one of the areas we want to improve in as a ministry. So, we are going to start experimenting with “after care”, where we will take the time to follow up, check on our quality control, offer some customer service, get some feedback, and have the time to sit, talk and, hopefully, pray with the homeowner. We are developing some materials that should help us discuss the reason “why these people came to help you”, more deeply, from a gospel context. We are beginning this with some staff time, but it is clear that this is not the long-term way for HRM to grow. 

Most of the people we serve are elderly women and single mothers. I get the sense that many would welcome some face-to-face interaction in a less hectic time than in the midst of the day. Would you, or someone you know, be interested in helping shape these follow-up visits, as a volunteer, and develop a process for the gospel and relational priorities that are so easy to overlook?

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