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March 2013 eNewsletter - Tearing Down and Fixing Up

Home repairs volunteers tend to be very task oriented, time driven, and generally, already busy people. I was telling some pastor-types the other day, at a meeting, that we have some pretty important things to keep in mind when we’re tearing down and fixing up.

  • Don’t uncover more than you can complete before it rains and keep out vermin

  • Ensure that we leave the premises livable between volunteer days

  • Build relationships - provide some quality time with the homeowner we serve

  • Pray with the volunteers, have a gospel-based devotion, preferably with the homeowner present

  • Get to know each volunteer, their family and work situations ,and be prepared to minister to him/her as possible

  • Sunset comes every day, so hurry up

  • Oh, and try to get everyone sent home by 2 p.m. so they can get to their kids or grandkids sports event

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