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March 2011 HRM Newsletter

Warm Hearts on Cold Days
. . . serving elderly homeowners with the love of Christ

January and February were bitterly cold and now we've had an unexpectedly early spring. In between, a lot of handy people blocked the rain from entering a couple of elderly ladies' homes.

Starting at sunrise in temperatures well below freezing, men and women volunteers, youthful and "not as", scaled ladders to change out the roofing! These were one day projects, one in January and again in February. Each time was a different mix of churches and in different Gwinnett neighborhoods: Buford and Norcross.

In the mix were 12Stone, Cross Pointe, 1st Baptist of Duluth, Grace North Atlanta, Perimeter, and Victory World Church, plus Meeting the Need Ministries had some great guys out. The projects were done in conjunction with Gwinnett Senior Services who referred their clients and Friends of Gwinnett Sr. Services (a non-profit) helped purchase the materials after HRM chased down the best deals. Suppliers have begun helping us with overstock shingles and we're often able to use the longer-lasting architectural shingles for less than the price of cheap ones.

It takes 25 to 30 people on a project to get the old roof off and, as it goes into the dumpster, the new roof gets nailed on. There is plenty to do for everyone both on the ground and on the roof. It is late afternoon before we're done, tired but feeling like we've accomplished something significant.

It is very special to take the time to listen to struggling homeowners' stories and just how much it encourages and helps to have people caring for them. We, in turn, like to emphasize that we're not trying to earn points with God by doing good, but giving thanks for our redemption, paid in full by the blood of Christ. Praying for people who are hurting in one way or another often brings tears of joy and thankfulness.

Sharing the HRM Model

Is God providing a way to realize our vision?

The easiest way to share our vision has been to boil it down to 4 phrases: Repaired homes and repaired hearts, through local churches . . . serving together. God has put it on our hearts to take the vision of serving the community through the Body of Christ to all of the Metro-Atlanta area and far beyond to other cities. We see that as an alternative to local churches staying apart because of theological & cultural differences. God has called us to focus on unity in the Body where we can agree: "Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners--of whom I am the worst."

To jog your memory, we get referrals from a number of community helping agencies (serving elderly, sick, handicapped people, single parents, etc.) that we connect to churches nearby. A limiting factor is identifying churches with teams that we can call upon as needs arise. Until now, we generally operate in the Gwinnett, North Fulton and Cobb Country areas. A central hub person develops the relationships and connects the dots between needs and resources and coordinates when multiple churches are needed for a larger project.

We are getting close to publishing our web-based "HRM in a Box" guide for starting a local church team to serve that church and the community. Also included is promoting the vision for the Body of Christ to work together in other cities. We have put a lot of time and thought to this effort and trust that God will use it in other cities and metro areas like Atlanta and that networks like Atlanta's Unite! will be enhanced by this connecting point. Please pray that we get it up and running very soon.

What is your part in HRM's ministry?
. . . how you're helping.

We need prayer support. Can you get HRM on the list of ministries your church prays for and of course make sure we're on your personal list?
To keep HRM going takes funding for materials, mileage reimbursements, salary, bookkeeping, food, malings, . . . Your gifts keep HRM in the serve mode. The less time we spend fundraising, the more time we have to help people. Please consider keeping us in your regular giving.
We always need volunteers. If your church has some folks that like to serve with tools, how about helping start a team to serve your own and the community as well? Just call or email!
HRM PO Box 922194 Norcross, GA 30010

Acknowledging Partners
. . . without her furnace for 2 years

A call from a desperate and chilled woman in Smyrna got us moving to try to help. The gas company had turned off her furnace for safety reasons. A contractor agreed to go take a look at it and came to the conclusion that the whole system had to be replaced. Except for several hundred dollars from HRM and a donor from a church in East Cobb, Joe Pinson at ACS Heating & Air Conditioning purchased and installed the new system. He made it a gift and we were overwhelmed by his Christ-driven generosity. THANKS ACS!

Incidentally, we were given Joe's name by Steve Gooch of Ground Zero Grace, our new partner in sharing warehouse space, tools and materials. That's what I call openhanded, too!

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