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March 2008 Home Repairs Ministries Newsletter

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God is Sovereign, even in the midst of tragedy

Metro Atlanta was rocked with destructive tornadoes three times in the last month, even as the Gulf region continues to rebuild after the fury of hurricane Katrina. Since this didn't elude the oversight of God, could it be that these natural disasters are intended to mobilize God's people into serving their neighbors in Jesus' name?

After the Roswell tornado, North Fulton Charities asked us to help a Palestinian widow, originally from Jerusalem. She suffered extensive damage to her home and had no insurance! Hiam's house had more than a dozen trees down in her yard and one her house and one huge pine splintered a corner of the roof, supporting walls, and floor joists, crushing all the way to the basement. God provided a team from Roswell Methodist, East Cobb Presbyterian and Perimeter Church to clean up her home and get ready to help her rebuild. Our volunteer architect & team leader, John Hester, designed the repairs and we found the Roswell building official is from the Roswell Methodist! North Fulton Charities is contributing some funds for materials. Reconstruction has begun but we aren't going to be able to repair the crushed car in her driveway, so if you know someone with an extra one . . . Perhaps the love of Christ will be communicated in word and deed as we serve this thankful woman.

Remember last fall when, in partnership with Square Foot Ministries, HRM gathered 4 churches from the Unite! network to frame and ultimately erect houses for Pass Christian, MS? Just last week, we attended a Unite! Northwest Atlanta lunch armed with large framed collages of the building efforts for each of 3 churches from NW, compliments of Square Foot Ministries. These serve as reminders to the congregations that the Body united is more influential that many individual church efforts.

God is doing Cool Things

God has been doing some really interesting things and "opening doors" for and with HRM. Here are a few:
God Story #1 In December we heard through the Unite! network that Home Depot had funds available to finish out the year. We made a few quick grant applications and in January were awarded a $6,000 grants to retro-fit the home of a paraplegic mom with a 4 year old. Tamika's challenge was obtaining better access to her home. It was so tight that her bathroom door had to be removed so she could roll in! Lawrenceville Church of God supplied the door experts and today, she has wide door openings and is waiting to get a special lift installed.

God Story #2 In February Harvey was in Home Depot looking at a compressor/nail gun kit for a project with one of the Unite! churches. It had become tiresome to borrow other's nail guns all the time but was standing there wishing for a better price. While running totals in his head, a Home Depot associate walks by, comes back and asks whether we're a business. Explaining how HRM works, he says that if we open an account, he'll knock nearly a third of the price off the kit. That was heaven-sent with no further calculations needed! It went to work that very evening.

New Team Member

Although she may have limited experience on a job site, Amy Adkison will bring a new skill set to the HRM Team. Her previous experience includes 6 years in the hotel and meeting planning industry. She will serve on our team as a part-time administrative assistant, and help plan fundraising events for HRM.

Join me in welcoming Amy. You may see emails and updates on the ministry coming from her soon.

Nailing Things Down

Upcoming Projects


  • Join us on the rebuild in Roswell, a water damage project in Lilburn, painting and a small floor repairs in Lawrenceville, some siding repairs in Doraville, and lots of odds and ends.
  • Do you like chain saws? There is plenty to do in the center city area of Atlanta.
  • Mark May 23rd & 24th for building 3 homes in the West Point, GA area. We can stay overnight down there.
  • If you call us, we'll be able to put you to work for the Savior. If you don't call, we may get around to calling you at some point, but you're missing the blessing in the meantime!
  • We have a growing group of people available during the week - some between jobs, retired or just have really flexible schedules. How about you? Again, pick up the phone or email Harvey.

Unite Website

Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, widowed, disabled homeowners, and others in need by helping with maintenance, safety issues, and repairs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

Thank You for you support!

Neale Hightower - Harvey Anderson
Home Repairs Ministries, Inc.

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