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HRM eNewsletter - What a Pane! Facing Some Challenges

As is often the case, things were not as simple as they first appeared. At the Miracle Hill House, we found out that the company that provided the windows had cut them the wrong size. That meant that each window we replaced, and there were 12 in total (one more had to be reordered and replaced after we left), needed to be form-fitted to get the windows in (the windows were cut to go all the way to the brick and frame, not accounting for brick moulding). A lot of resizing of the window frames was required to get each of them in. That lengthened the project time considerably. We finally finished on the third day.

The greenhouse was a big contraption with many panes and a retractable shade system that needed to be taken down. Horizon Church got a good start on it and we are coordinating with them and The Generous Garden Project to get the project completed.

Replacing a Window Replacing a Window at the Miracle Hill Ministries' Transitional Home

Horizon volunteers start taking down the greenhouse Horizon Church Volunteers Start Taking Down the Greenhouse

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