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June 2012 eNewsletter - Beginning to Grow the Church Network Nationally

Several of the churches that we met with will be forwarding our information to an interested person in their church. Louisville conference June 2012

We focused our conversations on engaging the unengaged handy men (and women) in their congregations and turning them loose for outreach ministry. The message clearly resonated with the churches we spoke with.

Glory to God as He really made this all possible on a very responsible budget, while giving us the opportunity to partner on a disaster recovery project during the same trip. Special thanks to Tony, Sue and Frits for making the trip, participating on the build and covering their own expenses. We’ve posted some pictures from the project on the HRM facebook page for you to check out.

And speaking of new churches, we got requests from two out-of-state churches shortly before the conference, requesting to join the network (one in Massachusetts and one in Illinois. The one in Illinois needs approval from his church but he is trying to bring more local churches on-board.). It’s amazing to see God at work!

  1. Craig Luginbill
    June 29th, 2012 at 13:41 | #1

    As an update, I am happy to report that the Federated Church in Sandwich, IL has met with 5 of 9 likely churches to parner in what I am calling 'Helping Hands Ministry'. In July I am trying to arrange meetings with the other churches in the Sandwich/Somonauk Ministrial Alliance. Many documents and policies have been drafted and will need to register the name with the County Clerk or Secretary of State. God is good. Please pray many men and women are willing to volunteer. Also pray for people that need a little help from us. We have left the door open for the Lords guiding us beyond just home repair into any loving tasks that we can match volunteers to a need.

    • Home Repairs Volunteer
      June 29th, 2012 at 14:09 | #2

      Craig, that's great news. We will certainly pray for your endeavor to start a larger mercy movement. If any of the churches need the materials, please point them our way. So glad that things are taking off and we pray that God be in it and Jesus be lifted up!

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