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June 2014 Newsletter - Training the Next Generation for Service

Youth Project at Dream HouseSummer finds students with free time to work and play. HRM offers them the opportunity to use their time to serve God and others. For some, it might be their first opportunity to give of their time to love and serve others. We hope to inspire a love of service in their hearts that will drive them for their entire life, rooted in the concept that the greatest service to offer is having the Good News of Jesus in their toolbelts, ready for use.

A great group of students from Norcross First United Methodist Church served most of the middle week of June at Dream House for Medically Fragile Children. They landscaped, pressure washed, painted, mowed, and more, all in some of the year’s hottest temperatures. A group from Wisconsin also spent a day with HRM to finish painting a single mother’s home. Dozens more youth are expected to participate soon in projects in Norcross and Lawrenceville.

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