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June 2011 HRM eNewsletter


We are glad you are reading our e-newsletter and thankful for your prayer, financial, and volunteer support for HRM. Enjoy reading about how God multiplies your investments!

How does HRM serve?Tori project
. . . there are several ways

We received a call from Tori, an elderly woman with heart trouble, earlier this year as a referral from Gwinnett Senior Services, one of our partners. What we found at her house first seemed like it might be too much for volunteers, but God had the plan covered.

Within a couple of weeks, she had a new roof, as we talked her through the process of an insurance claim for hail damage. However, most of the facia and soffit had rotted from gutters she could not afford to keep clean. A team from Lawrenceville Church of God replaced and painted the bad areas. They also replaced her front steps which had become dangerous. LCoG has partnered with us on many occasions and was able to purchase the materials this time. Because of LCoG's generosity, there were funds available from Friends of Gwinnett Sr. Services for a contractor to replace the gutters. Tori and I have had some good talks about Christ and she has attended LCoG and thanked the church, publically.

That is what we call NETWORKING! Now if we can just find a youth group near Lawrenceville to do a major cleanup in her yard, the necessary work will be complete. Can your church help?

Why Home Repairs in a Church? Larson 0411
Can "love your neighbor as yourself" be home repairs?

People with a high view of scriptural authority have often been strong in word ministry but "not so strong" in deed ministry. This has often bothered me because our example, Jesus, was mighty in word and deed (Luke 24:19). So, that is why we think a church with the capacity and with interested people should be out there helping hurting people stay in their homes.

Coming from the other direction, just fixing houses isn't enough. If the work does not address a person's greatest need, redemption from sin, we haven't "loved our neighbor as ourselves". One reason I like home repairs is that people are inviting us into their homes. We're not selling anything, and by the way, "Do you understand why were are helping you? We're telling God, 'Thank you', for redeeming us from sin through Christ, alone".

Isaiah 58 talks about ending religious posturing and getting practical enough to help real people in real need. Verse 10 says" "if you pour yourself out for the hungry and satisfy the desire of the afflicted, then shall your light rise in the darkness and your gloom be as the noonday." Our world desperately needs such light. How about you? Let us know who to contact, in your church, to talk about starting or refining your team.

What is your part in HRM's ministry?
. . . how you're helping.

• First is thanks for God's provision in this ministry.
• We need prayer support. Can you get HRM on the list of ministries your church prays for and of course make sure we're on your personal list?
• To keep HRM going takes funding for materials, mileage reimbursements, salary, bookkeeping, food, mailings, . . . gifts keep HRM in the serve mode. The less time we spend fundraising, the more time we have to help people. Ask God to move on people's hearts to include HRM in regular giving.
• Continue praying that our effort to create a much larger web-based network of church teams, learning from each other, would soon be complete and bearing fruit.
• We always need teams that will step up and take on a project. If your church has some folks that like to serve with tools, how about helping start a team to serve your own and the community as well? Just call or email!

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