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July 2013 eNewsletter - Traumatic Changes Lead to an Eternal Decision


Working on the driveway at Charles' home

We recently got the opportunity to help out on a project for a man who, in the course of several months, faced two life-changing events. Charles was a passionate obstacle racer competing in a race this March. Near the top of the cargo net, he lost his balance and got his right foot hooked in the net, forcing him upside-down and causing him to fall head-first 15 feet to the ground below. He broke his neck and was paralyzed.

Our partners at Christ the King Lutheran Church were helping to build out an accessible bedroom/bath in the carport at his parents’ home and asked HRM to get involved with the concrete work.

Several weeks after the project, Charles feared he was having a heart attack. Before going to the emergency room, he told a family member that he was ready to accept Christ and wanted to pray. When asked why he was making that decision, Charles replied, “I believe it is true. I've always known it was true and don't know why I fought it. I also want to know that I will go home to Jesus when I die." Thankfully, his pain turned out to be a urinary tract infection and not a heart attack, but what a comfort to know that God can take unbelievably difficult situations like this and redeem the pain for His glory and our greatest joy. Please pray for Charles as he goes through these dramatic life changes.

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