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July eNewsletter 1 - What a Home Repairs Ministry Does

Thinking about starting a home repair ministry at your church but not sure what kinds of projects it could do? Here are a couple ideas from our own experience. If you have some other ideas, or your ministry is seeing success with other types of engagements, please let us know and leave a comment!

What a Home Repairs Ministry Does

We typically engage the community in four main types of projects (as well as helps churches start their own teams):

Home Repairs and Accessibility1) Home Repairs and Accessibility: this is the bread and butter of the work we and the churches we work with do -  typically helping widows, single mothers, the elderly and disabled with repairs that they cannot do or afford themselves or helping them in situations where their home is inaccessible due to a medical condition or handicap. These types of projects can include (but are not limited to) re-roofing, building a handicap ramp, re-carpeting, painting and even lawn cleanup.

By networking and collaborating across multiple churches and denominations, the number, and complexity, of projects we can get done is increased. The moral of the story is, the deeper the pool of skills we can draw from, the more service opportunities that we have. That's one of the reasons we support churches serving together.

2) Advocacy: these types of engagements require a different set of skills and primarily entail working the phones. While they don’t often require material costs or volunteers, advocacy projects are a great way to build strong rapport and relationship with a homeowner. We get connected with someone in need, then use our connections and relationships to get funding, materials, grants, special considerations or discounts. HRM typically works with companies and non-profits until a solution is arrived at - advocating on the client’s behalf.

Henryville tornado3) Disaster recovery and rebuilding: when disaster strikes, one way to be prepared to serve and be a witness for Christ is to have a home repairs team at the ready. After Hurricane Katrina, several churches in Atlanta helped frame houses here and built them in the hurricane ravaged Gulf area a couple years back. In June, we told you about a disaster recovery project that we worked on in Louisville, Kentucky. We have run into several churches that have disaster recovery teams but not a home repairs team, which gave us a natural springboard to a discussion about how to keep those teams active between catastrophes - starting a home repairs ministry!

Non-profit partnerships4) The multiplier - Non-profit agency partnerships: here is where a home repairs ministry’s impact in the community can really accelerate. By helping non-profit agencies that serve hundreds monthly, if not thousands, with repairs or facility improvements, we make a strategic investment in the community. In essence, our work helps to serve many more folks for years to come. That’s one of the reasons we make it a point to  partner with these valuable community service organizations. Here are some real-life examples of projects that HRM has participated in:

  • Duluth Hands of Christ (a community Co-op) recently dedicated it’s thrift store that we helped build, giving them another source of funds and their clients a source of affordable goods
  • We installed a 350+ foot fence at Rainbow Village at their new facility to further serve the homeless
  • North Fulton Community Charities (NFCC) asked us to make an application to Sawnee EMC (they had already received their allowed “annual ask”) for a grant to help a client family. We were awarded the grant and completed the handicap access project. This is a great example of a true community partnership - two organizations helping each other serve people in need better. NFCC has also provided funds to HRM covering materials for homeowners in need (who are also their clients). HRM has also served NFCC by bringing church groups for maintenance projects at their facility.

Due to your support of HRM, the work we do continues to help thousands in the community!

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