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David & Helen's Story

Youth Project at Dream HouseRecently, we served David, a disabled gentleman struggling with diabetes and heart and kidney problems, by providing a “recycled” ramp that was no longer needed.

His wife, Helen, shares the impact that accessible housing made for them. “Dan (the builder) told me how Home Repairs Ministries helped with the supplies and materials to build our ramp. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help. Since my husband has been sick, it has been very hard getting the things I need for him and giving him the attention he needs. Most people that I talked to about trying to get help only see dollar signs, but you saw our needs and went above and beyond to help.

Getting in and out of this house has been nothing but a very painful struggle for him over the last several years. It has also been a very big worry for me. As you know, there is no way to get in or out of this house without taking steps. Over the years, David has fallen several times trying to go up or down them, hurting himself pretty bad. It takes several of us to help him in or out when he is having bad days. One of my biggest fears has been what would I do if there was a fire or something like that. How would I get my husband out of this house and to safety in a hurry. Even if someone was around to help, it still would be almost impossible to get him down the stairs as quickly as we would need to. With the ramp and him being able to use his wheelchair, that fear is gone. I know that my husband will be safe.

My husband has to go 3 times a week to dialysis and in between that he has several doctors appointments each month. Before just getting out for these appointments was all he could handle, so he never wanted to go anywhere else. For the first time in a long time, he is talking now about going a few places just to have fun. We actually attended his 45th school reunion.

Having a way to get in and out of our home without worry or struggling, has already improved the quality of our life. As well, it has also given us great peace of mind and relief. We have a lot less stress in our lives and a little more happiness...”

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    HRM - Thank you for your continued faithfulness in serving those in need with your gifts and skills.