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Touching Lives in Different Ways

The first story - Senior Services of North Fulton referred a sweet elderly lady with several physical challenges to us. She had trouble getting from her basement apartment to the street level on a slippery, steep grass slope.  We knew the remedy: a handicap ramp that spread out the slope, had strong handrails, and would still help her if she needs a wheelchair. The picture shows how God used a grant to Senior Services from  Home Depot, a referral, project planning skills, God’s people giving themselves away on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, and the financial support of God’s people to pay the HRM staff (who had the time to pull it all together). A dialog has begun looking at the scriptures regarding “…the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!” (John 1:29).

See video from November ramp build

Making a Difference—in Big Ways and Small!

In closing, a second quick story.  Sometimes we help someone by building something, like the ramp, with our tools. Other times we can help someone in need through networking. We recently invested about two hours helping an elderly widow, Marianne, a sister in the Lord, whom we had previously served. She discovered she had no heat on a Sunday in December and called to ask, “What shall I do?”

At my suggestion, Marianne called the emergency line at Spencer Heating & Air, who made the repairs.  Marianne paid by check knowing she would have had to give up something else in her budget. I called Joel Mondl, Service Manager at Spencer, and described the situation, which they hadn’t realized. Thankfully, Spencer cut the bill down to their cost.  With that knowledge, I called Gary Galloway of Gwinnett County Senior Services. Years ago, a non-profit was started to receive funds for seniors needing help not funded by the agency.  They agreed to pay the rest of the invoice from Spencer, who then sent Marianne’s check back to her and she “ . . . gave glory to your Father who is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16).  That’s what HRM is about – God’s renown.