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January 2013 Newsletter - Intended Consequences

We recently ran into a different kind of challenge in seeing a church team spread it’s wings and take flight. Namely, what happens when one of our network churches sees its volunteers organizing as a team. We were blessed with that exact situation near the end of the year.  

During 2012, we continued our relationship with a local team whose skilled guys have also used their talents on mission trips with their youth. We had encouraged some of the guys to organize. Well, God moved in His perfect timing and the guys got behind starting their own team.

The catch? The money they would be using for a materials budget would replace their support for HRM. Maybe that’s a risk of a ministry like ours, but what a blessing, too! New teams launching means more people served and more gospel opportunities, and that’s what HRM is all about. So, I’m more glad for what fruit is, and will be, yielded than sad for losing the support. Our Father owns the outreach budgets of a thousand churches and blesses and prunes as He chooses. Praise to Him for the harvest!

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