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Igniting Your Ministry Impact and Becoming an Indispensible Part of Your Community

Why did you start your service or outreach ministry non-profit? More than likely, it was because you wanted to serve the Lord and help a vulnerable group of people. You wanted to make a difference in their lives and help alleviate their suffering. What if you could serve your constituency and meet even more of their needs and reach deeper into your community for Christ? All while building a source of referrals for your organization so you can serve even more people. Intrigued? Read on.

A great way to multiply your impact is to build service networks with other community service non-profits. Find logical synergies with other organizations or find needs that they have to help more people in the area. You can take several approaches, such as directly partnering with the other agency or using your organization's skills or services to supplement their offerings. The Foundation Center's National Collaboration Database, collaboration.foundationcenter.org, is a good resource for additional ideas for partnering opportunities. Some of these include sharing space, combining marketing efforts and even sharing staff.

Here are potential scenarios to illustrate some of the opportunities you might want to pursue. Say, for example, you provide carpentry, building services or home repairs (our ministry is a home repair ministry) to low-income homeowners. If you poke around enough, you can probably find a co-op or food pantry that needs help with repairs. Or maybe you can make a strategic investment and help them convert some unused space into a thrift store. That helps the co-op raise more money and provides low-income homeowners, some of whom may also be your clients, cheap necessary goods. Another options is to help a non-profit with storage space. Giving an organization a way to store more supplies (such as cans of food for a food pantry or clothing storage for a homeless services organization) is a terrific way to help them serve more people.

What if you have a car repair ministry? How about providing oil changes for those driving to the food bank to pick up food for the week? Now your partnership is adding to the service value chain for your constituency. You'd be surprised at how valuable even a small non-profit can be when they are strategic about extending their reach. Are you starting to see the potential here?

In addition to the satisfaction of helping more people and living out your organization's vision, there are some practical benefits to partnering with community non-profits as well. While you're growing your service footprint in the community, you are also building trust with a valuable network of service partners. If a client comes into their establishment or they get a referral with a need that you can provide, guess who they are going to call? And that works both ways. If someone you are helping needs additional help that one of your partners can provide, you just built a deeper relationship with and provided more help for your client.

Before you undertake any projects, make sure to check with your Board of Directors to make sure that they are in alignment with your vision for extending your non-profit. Despite the best of intentions, it may turn out that it doesn't make sense for you to take up some or all of the partnerships that are described here. But if there is a strategic fit, your only limit on multiplying your impact is your imagination and the time you have to apply to the endeavor.

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