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Hiam is a Palestinian widow who had no home insurance when a tornado sent huge trees crashing through her house. The damage was devastating. North Fulton Community Charities called us to see if we would help. When we signed on, we took on one of the larger projects we have undertaken.

It can be hard to prepare for a disaster recovery project. No matter what you hear, it's difficult to come to grips with the scope unless you're on the scene.

Here is some of what we found when we arrived.

Hiam 1Hiam 4Hiam 2

             This is, or was, a bedroom...               Even joists in the basement were broken.                  One of two cars smashed.

An architect volunteer got plans approved for repairing the trusses and work began. Several different damaged areas of the house were repaired. God sent volunteers from eight churches and Flood Ministries. The project was funded by several churches. North Fulton Community Charities was a big part of the whole package, and Home Repairs Ministries was there serving and coordinating.

During this whole process, the owner expressed her appreciation.  Many times the volunteers had the opportunity to hear about her beliefs as they shared their own.  It was heartbreaking to realize that the concept of grace, in regards to our relationship with God, was not part of her perspective.  Much was shared about “the Son of Mary”, as her faith calls Him, and what he had done for sinners like us.

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         Getting to know the homeowner.                                 Before...                                                  After (mostly complete).

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