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2012 Home Repairs Ministries Newsletter Articles

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Touching Lives in Different Ways (January)Going National (January)2012 Momentum (February)Valentine's Day God's Way (February)Re-Roofing Project (February)Photos from Re-Roofing Project (February)
Launch! (March)Debbie's Story
A Hurricane and a Tornado in One Day (April)Louisville or Bust
Rainbow Village Project (May)Staying In to Help Out (May)
Beginning to Grow the Church Network Nationally (June)Bringing Relief for Coleman (June)Coleman video (WILL make you smile!) (June)Leaving Volunteer Fulfilled (July)What a Home Repair Ministry Does
Goldrush Youth Project (July)
Coaster Contest (July)The Gift of Mobility (August)Relieving a Heavy Load (August)Fore! (August)Ministry Needs (August)The People We Help, Together (September)
Meet Tonya (September)Tonya Testimonial and Videos (September)Expanding the Network to Serve More People (September)Avoiding the Dependency Trap - Does Home Repair Really Help People? (October)Golf Challenge Sign-Up Form (October)Pictures from The HRM Golf Challenge (November)
Helping Seniors Stay in Their Homes (November)Give in Honor of a Loved One (November)How You Help Show Christmas All Year Round (December)Keller's Testimonial - Video and Story (December)A Widow Struggling to Breathe Gets a Home Repair and The Good News (December)Trying to Keep a Family Together (December)

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