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Where Do You Find Projects

There are lots of avenues leading to service for handy tool people. Here are a few:

  • People recently disabled need their homes retrofitted for wheel chairs and accessibility – widened doorways, ramps, removal of barriers, trip hazards, etc. People who are sick, elderly or otherwise unable to make needed changes.
  • Is there a widow in your neighborhood whose yard has gotten away from her? Major yard cleanups are great to get the young people out with the adults.
  • We generally say “for homeowners” but this is not an absolute. Repairing properties for landlords has proven to be a bad practice, but how about damage to a rental home by foster children that the foster parent is responsible to cover? How about foster parents in general, especially those taking in teens!
  • Single mothers struggling to make ends meet often cannot hire a handyman to make repairs, but we happen to know someone . . . How about those heroic people coming back from the middle east with war injuries?
  • The food pantry ministry may need some new permanent shelving but gave the cash reserves to hungry families fighting unemployment. How about your buddies with tool skills? Nearly anyone can build shelves.
  • Always popular are grab bars in bathrooms.
  • Don’t forget to pray with the people you help or even those with projects outside of your abilities. Follow up to show that you care as Christ cares for you.
  • James 1:27 & 28 points us to a properly lived faith life – helping those that cannot help themselves – start with widows and orphans and go from there.

As you investigate helping people, remember that it's critical that you also have waivers for your volunteers and clients to sign, to protect your ministry or church.

Coming soon – how do we fund material purchases?

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