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February 2014 Newsletter - Why Pray?

The devotional book I've been reading is called, “Why Pray : 40 Days - From Words to Relationship”, by John F. DeVries (Copyright Mission India). The devotional for Day 7 shows prayer as the catalyst for igniting spiritual transformation in mission work:

"Every praying Christian must understand that his or her prayers are not simply “support” for the various missions. They are the real work of missions. When done properly, they make it possible for the missionaries to perform the “mop up” operations! Wesley Duewel, a former missionary to India and a teacher of prayer, tells how his mission struggled for twenty-five years as it planted one new church a year. The missionaries decided that something was wrong, so they enlisted a thousand people in their sending countries to pray daily. In the next few years the mission exploded from 25 to more than 550 churches and from 2,000 to nearly 75,000 believers." (pp. 53-54)

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