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December Newsletter - Trying to Help Keep a Family Together

Meet Chimela and Ngozi. They are from Nigeria, arriving in the U.S. too late for him to get Social Security or Medicare. Chimela has a muscular condition that has crippled him and is progressing. He’s a strong believer in Christ, and his family is completely committed to caring for him until the Lord takes him home. Ngozi is a home health nurse, but was laid off last summer and money is extremely tight.

Chimela looks forward to being in the Lord’s presence but doesn’t like to think of leaving his wife and teen daughter. Chimela’s trust in the grace and mercy of the Lord is a testimony to what Jesus does when we are suffering . . . He’s been there. Conversation is difficult because Chimela has a tracheotomy and it takes two hands to close it so he can speak.

So, we need to help them keep him home. They asked us to find a better way to bathe him. They have a tiny walk-in shower and a garden tub on the level of his bedroom. Getting him off the walker onto a seat in the shower is a daunting and dangerous task. So much of the water splashes out that they fear they are going to rot the floor, though they do their best to prevent that.

The ideal is a patient lift – several different combinations would do the trick. A lift could hoist him out of bed to his wheel chair, then in the bathroom be able to take him either to the toilet or into the tub. We told you about one we put in earlier this year with an equipment price tag of about $10,000. Our labor is volunteers and HRM staff. This one would be much cheaper, but not enough that we can fund it. Used equipment would be fine if we can find it. I’m told that people are selling them for pennies on the dollar and often giving them away if you’re there at the right moment. Another option is a roll-in shower and we’re researching that. The lift might be more helpful (providing accessibility) as Chimela loses mobility.

This is a God story and we haven’t seen the end, but we have asked for direction and provision, and continue to do so. Would you pray with us to find the right solution, and have the resources, either as a gift of equipment or of cash to buy equipment, or combination?

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