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December 2013 Newsletter - Where Would You Turn?

Project LeaderIf you had a roof leak that was damaging your house, but couldn’t afford to fix it, and couldn’t repair it yourself, where would you turn? What if you suddenly had an injury, stroke or disease that left you unable to walk, and you couldn’t get into or out of your house? Or if your heater died in the middle of winter and you couldn’t keep yourself and your children warm? Where would you go if you had to choose between paying your bills or repairing your home?

If you’re like many homeowners in Northeast metro-Atlanta facing situations like these, you’d turn to Home Repairs Ministries (HRM). Why?

Hiam 3Because the people served by the ministry are often in difficult and desperate situations, and receive compassionate care from people wanting to share Christ’s love through home repair, regardless of their beliefs or background. And because our highly-skilled volunteers do a quality job at no labor cost. As a homeowner we served recently said, “I was really impressed… our friends also are impressed, and they were like, ‘Wow, I think you hired some professionals…’” Our many volunteers also allow us to help those in extreme need get low-to-no cost repairs.

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