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December 2013 Newsletter - A Homeowner's Encouragement to You

Tonya and FamilyI’d like to share an encouragement with you from a homeowner we served this year. She is a single mother of two beautiful, adopted special needs children. You may remember her from 2012, when we built a wheelchair ramp for one of her daughters. This year, they faced some significant and serious medical challenges, which necessitated a lot of work on their house.

We plan to tell her full story at some point next year, but for now, here is what Tonya had to say:

“I would like to encourage people to seriously consider becoming a supporter, or continuing their support, for HRM. You can know, in your heart, that someone's life will be made easier, and that through your generosity, the way people view the world can change. Instead of feeling tired, weak, and helpless they see the love of God in their life, because people chose to volunteer and support a ministry where lives are changed. Something you choose to do, today, can affect that person for the rest of their life.”

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