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Debbie's Story - April Newsletter

I was in a training class a couple of years ago. She ran a non-profit that helps parents via a disabled kids’ camp. As with so many in this economy, her non-profit couldn’t pay her salary and she’s taken a job that leaves her with no income margin. She lives in a townhouse with her twenty something son with Downs Syndrome and her daughter & child.

The chimney of her condo literally had siding falling off and it was only a matter of time until her homeowners association fined her.

Most non-profits require someone to be sixty years old to help them. We, however, were able to show mercy as we have been shown it. Debbie bought the materials, and the labor came from Crabapple First Baptist and Perimeter. All involved worked a long, hard day but got the job done. She received a “hug from Jesus” and knows that we serve because God provided a way to satisfy His justice with an overwhelming outpouring of mercy at the cross.

Before                                                         After

Debbie's Chimney before projectDebbie's chimney after