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Begin a Day of Service Ministry Right

So you have it all planned out, got the materials on site, tools in the trucks, enough people that you don't make anyone's spouse mad for too many hours away from the home and everyone has signed liability waivers. How do you start the day of service? Whether your ministry is a home repair ministry, like ours, or another type of service ministry, it's good to have a game plan for setting the tone for the day.

I usually explain to the volunteers why we're needed, introduce the client if appropriate (or do that later in the day), thank the volunteers and do a devotion before we pray. What do we pray for? How about the homeowner and the many needs that brought her to need you, often for healing of a physical or spiritual nature, for skill, wisdom, safety and good progress for the volunteers as they implement the home repairs and for God's blessing on the household.

Now back up. What are you going to use for a devotion? You're not a preacher. You have "deed" gifts, not "Word" gifts, right? Well, there are a long list of "mercy" passages from the New and Old Testaments from which you could work from. How about a few now?

• Leviticus 19: 9 & 10 – God asked His people not to reap their crops to the edges of their fields so that those in need would have provision. If you don't have a field, what would be your field in today's economy? What will you leave or provide for people in need? Time is money. If you're a tool person, my guess is that it is time for you to pick them up. How about using them today, because Jesus gave his All for you?

• Romans 12 begins with presenting our bodies as living sacrifices, holy and acceptable to God (which is our spiritual worship). Worshipping through service with tools and offering the Lord more of us: our bodies for the project. The problem with living sacrifices is that they keep crawling off of the altar. Today, we're crawling onto the altar to serve, IF we're doing it because Jesus loved us first and we're giving Him our day.

• Romans 12:4 talks about one body and many parts with different functions. We're here today to operate as the part of the body with different handy skills (or wanting to learn some), being used as the hands and feet of Jesus. The Body metaphor can be applied to your team, within an individual church, among many churches uniting in service or all of the Jesus followers on planet Earth, today.

• James 1: 27-28 describes what religious living looks like if rooted in Jesus Christ – in other words, mercy ministry. This includes caring from those with financial problems, the disenfranchised, widows (single mothers?), orphans (foster children?); there are plenty to pick from. We just need to make sure we're picking some and serving them.

• 2 Corinthians 8 – A striking example of godly giving from the Macedonians, who, though in need and poverty themselves, make generous financial gifts to the Church in Jerusalem, which is under persecution. How much more, we, who have some margin in our lives, can give to those who need a hand.

• Matthew 5:16 Let your light so shine among men that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father who is in Heaven. It's fun to contrast this with Matthew 6:1-4 and talk about our motives –

"Look at me!"

"I hope God will like me more if I sweat a lot today".

Instead, how about, "God, I give you my time today because you have reconciled me to you, made peace with me through the blood of Jesus, and for that I serve as a thank you."

• Matthew 22:37-39 - The Great Commandment ". . . and love your neighbor as yourself." What does that look like? Assuming that we know that we cannot love God apart from a heart changed by His grace through the indwelling Holy Spirit, then today we can demonstrate his love for others, too! We're giving our neighbor a hug from Jesus if He's in us.

Use God's Word as you lead those working in God's vineyard.

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