Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.

Changing Direction and Preparing for the New Website

We have some exciting news to share with our friends, supporters, and prayer partners!

Our new HRM website goes live soon! The site will help churches start and grow their own home repairs ministries and unite the church of Jesus Christ in service.
We stand at a major crossroads in our ministry. We recently hired a Director of Development (second staff member), Jim Eschenberg, to launch our new website (and focus on fundraising) and we are now very close to launching the Beta site!

The new website positions HRM to to accelerate and fully implement our Mission Statement:

To act as a home repairs ministry "Network Hub" and utilize our HRM Model for organizing and assisting churches across the country to build relationships and demonstrate the love of Christ by addressing the physical and spiritual needs of homeowners in their communities.

The website is the lynchpin of our ministry vision. The site provides resources for churches to start a new home repairs ministry (or improve their existing ministry) AND to unite the church of Jesus Christ so we may serve together and more effectively, showing the world what the church should be. All of which will hopefully ignite a home repairs ministry movement nationwide.

Here is what the site provides to our partner churches:

• Suggestions and guides for starting and expanding teams
• A forum to ask questions and share best practices with the entire network of home repairs ministries
• Advice on where to find referrals inside and outside the church so that those who need the help can get it
• Connections to a growing group of evangelical church partners
• Forms, spreadsheets, and logs that help keep team leaders in the field rather than spending their time tracking down critical information
• HRM communications and ministry updates

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