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It Almost Bring Me to Tears - Terree's Story

TerreeTerree's struggles started at a young age. One of eight children, she spent three of her early years in an orphanage. Now a senior, she faces medical issues, which impact her ability to work, and a house she struggles to afford.

Like many older, low-income homeowners, her repair needs were multiplying and accelerating, including:

  • Major damage to fascia board by woodpeckers, presenting the threat of a citation and unaffordable fine from the county

  • Trees hanging over her power lines and fireplace (Terree has, at times, relied on her fireplace to provide heat for the house), which presented dangerous electrical and fire hazards

  • Repairing Terree's fence

  • A fence leaning into the neighbor's yard, another threat for a citation

  • A crumbling basement threshold - which put her plan to get the house in good enough condition to get a roommate at risk.

Terree shared, "I would get help, but I don't have the strength, time or money". Over time, she might have faced being placed in an institution or even having her house condemned. Where could she turn?

Terree with HRM Volunteers and StaffBecause of generous supporters and volunteers, Terree, and many others, got the critical help they needed through HRM. How does that make them feel? Terree described it this way, "It's given me a lot of comfort and ability to breathe," and "It makes my heart swell and say thank you to Jesus. It almost brings me to tears."

You can help us bring relief to struggling homeowners, too. Will you partner with us and make a difference in someone's life? Invest in HRM's Work and Hurting People

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"The Biggest Blessing I've Ever Received"

We got a reminder recently of what a difference a relatively mundane thing, like putting on a new roof, can make for a hurting person. This should be an encouragement to all followers of Christ. You have practical skills and abilities you can use and give to bless others. What are they? Putting that gift to use for someone in need might just give you an opportunity to share why you're doing it. That's the great thing about a mercy ministry like home repair. What a great way to introduce a hurting person to Christ, or encourage a believer going through a trial!

Ms. Ingram had experienced an incredible series of major difficulties befall her. She shared, "I'm a widow of two years and shortly after my husband’s death I went blind. My roof was leaking and then part of my ceiling fell in." .

The Lord has provided for her in some amazing ways. After four surgeries, her vision was restored. But she still had house problems to deal with – roof leaks and several other necessary repairs. That’s where, through supporters like you, HRM was able to enter the picture.

The eave of Ms. Ingram’s roof was improperly built and had large gaps. We stripped the roof, rebuilt the way the fascia boards were attached (gutters had torn them loose), did a lot of deck repair and reinforcement, and installed long-life shingles. Representatives from five churches participated.

Ms. Ingram

A Recent Widow Received Several Repairs and a New Roof.

The project had an amazing impact on her. Here is how she described it in her own words:

"I'm very grateful to Harvey, Andre, and the volunteers for the very hard work they put into my new roof and all the major repairs needed. I've had my eye surgery and with my restored eyesight and new roof I can work. This is the biggest blessing I’ve ever received in my life and carries heavy on my heart to pass this blessing forward."

So, who are your Ms. Ingram's? How can you be out in the community showing and sharing Jesus' love with people in need? If your church is interested in pursuing home repair as a mercy ministry, we'd love to help you get started. We have no-cost resources designed to help churches start or grow teams. Learn from our mistakes! Church home repair resources