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Articles about balancing life, family, ministry and avoiding burnout.

The Most Important Ministry (For Husbands)

Marriage and ministry on the scalesToday I am celebrating eight years of marriage to my beautiful wife. But more about that later.

My wife and I like to read marriage books. Yes, our pace can be a little slow (three-toed sloth tip-toeing through a tarpit during rush hour slow), but we usually enjoy the exercise and learn a few things in the process. Right now, we are reading “Christian Marriage” by Dr. Martyn Lloyd-Jones. It is a deep study of the meaning, theology and purpose of marriage as laid out in Ephesians 5. It’s a pretty famous passage, especially verses 22 – 33. Maybe you have heard them read at a marriage ceremony or conference.

So what does this have to do with ministry and where is this going? Well, there are some amazingly strong exhortations for men in verses 25 and 31 that are broadly applicable across our lives.

Verse 25 challenges us to "...love our wives like Christ loved the church". Wow! Come again?

Just a couple words that are nine-months pregnant with meaning. Like Christ loved the church? As in, be willing to die for her? Lead her spiritually? Put her first in everything I do? Consider myself nothing so that she may be edified and served? Consider quality time with her more important than what I want to do? Really?

I’ve got some work ahead of me…

And this applies to our service life as well. Our ministry life should be robust as men (an area I am trying to also improve!). But it starts with our wives. That is our most important ministry. Believe me, I am not talking at you, but with a metaphorical set of eyes staring straight in the equally metaphorical mirror. All of our good ministry and service work (and anything else in our lives) can be counterproductive if we are not loving and leading our wives sacrificially. So, tool guys… You know who you are. Swing a hammer and help out that widow or single mom. But remember to save your best for your wife!

As for me, I’m going to enjoy a little anniversary trip with my wife and be thankful for eight great, exciting and challenging years of marriage. And be thankful to God that He walks through this with me 'cuz I cannot do this myself (cue "Lead me" by Sanctus Real - seriously!). I need His help to be the man He and my wife want me to be!

Happy anniversary to my wonderful wife!


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The Importance of Work, Life and Balance

I wanted to share a good blog post and reminder from The High Calling on the Importance of Work, Life and Balance.


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