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Articles about what to do and what not to do when repairing a home for yourself or a homeowner.

Home Tip - Minimizing the Risk of Wood Rot

Wood rot threat #1Wood rot is one of your home's most deadly foes. Here are two common causes of the scourge, as well as practical ways to limit the threat.

One common cause we encounter is gutters filled with leaves. When they don’t drain correctly, gutters not only keep the facia and soffit wet, but can deposit decaying leaves on wood which can trap moisture, intensifying the problem. We even see the edges of roofs rotted. Put in the money or labor to keep gutters clean before you have a bigger problem on your hands!

Wood Rot Claims Another VictimDid you also know that wood can suck up moisture like a rose in a vase? Any place that you have wood ending at concrete, or another source of moisture (like a metal threshold), it is imperative that it be maintained to avoid rot. I have a door casing that rotted inside of a nice thick paint layer, because we could not get to the lowest point. If you can get to the end, soak it with primer and paint several times. Keep everything well caulked. Repairs can be done by removing the whole piece (difficult when it is the door jamb), cutting out the rotted piece and splicing in a piece to match (preferably with a composite such as PVC), or with Bondo® type products like body putty for cars.

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3 Things You Need to Start a Home Repair Ministry (and 8 More to Grow)

A home repair team, in the most rudimentary form, needs very few things:

    1) A couple of people who want to use their knowledge and skills in construction-related ministry
    2) A project or several projects requiring volunteers
    3) A method of funding materials

Anything larger than "a couple of guys" requires some level of organization or things can get chaotic quickly. At that point, you will need to:

    Building a Ramp1) Identify a team leader
    2) Determine a method of distributing information to the volunteer team (meeting, email, website, etc.)
    3) Develop a plan to distribute information to supporters and let potential "clients" know about the ministry
    4) Create a database or tracking mechanism for projects and volunteers
    5) Build a volunteer pool over time and a plan to manage and develop your volunteers
    6) Establish guidelines for carrying out the ministry need, including safety, types of projects the team can/cannot handle, scope, financial need of clients, etc.
    7) Foster communication between the team and church leadership so that all are kept abreast of the ministry development and progress
    8) Develop an accountability system to ensure that the spiritual aspect of serving on a home repairs team is being included, and so that there is proper follow up and quality control for completing projects.

Want more information on starting, finding projects, how to pay for projects and more? We can help! Register on our site today at no charge!

Avoiding Home Repairs Scams

I wanted to share a good article from the repairhome blog by Allison Millar. Some good advice to avoid getting scammed and ripped off.


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