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August 2012 Newsletter - Ministry Needs

The ministry has a couple specific needs right now. If you are able, can you help with the following?

We are in need of a cheap (-ish) but quality laser printer that can receive an envelope feeder (e.g. HP 4000). If you know where to get one, or can donate one, please send an email to info@homerepairs.org with subject line “Envelope printer for HRM”.

For us to best fulfill our Vision and Mission, I need to get out in the field more to help grow the network. Will you pray for God to raise up on-fire Project Leaders in churches across Atlanta? And a deeply connected network of churches serving together as the Body of Christ?

We need golfers and well-connected fundraisers to help with our golf outing in October.

We are looking for someone with some time in the Fall during the week to help make some calls on behalf of HRM to churches.

Please pray that we will finish the year strongly financially and for us to be obedient and trust in the Lord and His timing. The summer was tough, but we know that the Lord is providing and has this situation in-hand.

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