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August 2012 Newsletter - The Gift of Mobility

A referral came in to HRM to help an elderly Family HRM helpedcouple. The husband in the family is just coming off a second amputation to the same leg. They live in the basement of the house they sold to their son & family.

We planned to build a walkway so he could roll his electric wheelchair from the back patio up to the front walk.

A couple challenges presented themselves, the foremost was working with the Homeowners Association. We drew a plan so the had all he needed to get approval. We got to work side-by-side with an Occupational Therapy class from Brenau University and completed the project with weekday volunteers from two churches. The family thanks God for the help.

Check out a video of the man enjoying the finished product - http://ow.ly/dgEpy

HRM crew and friends working on walkway

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