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August 2013 eNewsletter - Another Way to Pass it On

You may remember that I noted several months ago, we aren’t as concerned with developing the plumbing skills of an 80 year-old widow. But, even in situations like this where we can’t pass skills along, we have much more to offer - the Gospel! It came to me freely, by God’s grace, and the expectation is that I won’t keep it to myself, as though it isn’t worth sharing or that I’m hoarding it. 

Passing the BatonPerhaps it’s like a relay race, where, unless there is a successful ‘passing’ of the baton by the lead runner, the race is over for a team. Like that runner, my job, as one who has benefitted from the Promises of God in Jesus, is to offer the Gospel in an engaging way to someone else (who will then carry it to others).

On the flip side, if we make appealing attempts at spiritual discussion and the person we are serving doesn’t want to receive “the baton”, we don’t force it on him or her. We can’t make others receive Jesus. At some point, the person we just served may be ready to receive the offer of eternal life in Christ from someone else.

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