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August 2013 eNewsletter - Passing it On to Gary

Gary called us a while back, asking for some help with his plumbing.  My phone interview with him revealed that he is able bodied, in his 50’s, out-of-work for about a year, and has no skills with “tools or handyman stuff.”

Talking with Steve CorbettHaving worked in inner-city ministry for many years, my mind immediately focuses on making ministry developmental - giving people skills & knowledge to improve their situation rather than keeping them dependent on us. The last thing we want to do is hurt the people that we’re trying to help. In fact, that’s the central theme of Brian Fikkert and Steve Corbett’s book, When Helping Hurts, which I mentioned in a previous newsletter. We actually got to meet and talk with Steve at the church conference we went to in June (see picture at right). He gave us some great ideas and challenged us to make sure that we don’t ultimately hurt the people we serve.

With that as background, we decided to help Gary by showing him how to work on the plumbing. He watched replacement of the faucet cartridge in his kitchen sink and shower. Later, he was able to install two more, by himself, when they arrived from the manufacturer, because he had learned a new skill from us.

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