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Staying In to Help Someone Out

We recently were contacted by Edwin and Elanda, the home repairs team leaders at Victory World Church, about an elderly couple they were serving. Ben and Lois has been battling a leaking polybutylene water pipe outside their house for six years. It had gotten so bad for them that they would turn off the water at the meter until it was needed for flushing, fill their bathtub (so that they had water to flush the toilet) and turn it back on only when needed. Oh, did we mention that Lois is in her late 70’s with arthritis, and Ben is in his 80’s with heart problems?

We first referred them to a senior services agency that informed them that they couldn’t help with the plumbing problem. I then called a personal contact, Fred the plumber (he does good work; email me if you would like his contact information), who provided me a discounted price for replacing the supply line, because of the situation. I followed up with another connection, explained the need, and was able to get Fred’s fee covered. Soon, Ben and Lois had water, all of the time, and no more trips to the water meter. Fred is one who shares his faith very easily and the Gospel was ministered through him and the team from Victory.

Sometimes we can help people without our tools by connecting the right people with the right resources. That’s the model we are ultimately striving for as a ministry. Connecting churches with the information they need to start teams at www.homerepairs.org and providing them a network of other churches to team and serve with.

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