Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.

Home Repairs Ministries (HRM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

Our Vision is:

Repairing Homes and Hearts as Churches Serve Together.

Our Mission is:

Home Repairs Ministries' (HRM) mission is to provide vulnerable homeowners with critical repairs, and modifications to make their houses safer and more accessible, and to multiply resources for people in need by providing repairs, and light construction, to other nonprofits and service agencies, expanding their capacity.

Our Strategy to accomplish our Mission is:

Connecting community needs (acting as a "Hub"), often referrals from other nonprofits and support agencies (e.g. senior services groups & cooperative ministries), with available and capable volunteers, most often from local churches. HRM also actively encourages and coaches churches in starting their own teams to serve their own congregations and the community (providing ministry resources and a network to unite with other churches in their communities and across the nation). We also unite many churches’ teams to make a greater impact on the community as they serve together.

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Making a Difference - HRM's Impact

Our clients are typically widows, single mothers, seniors, people with disabilities and the poor. HRM is blessed and honored to serve people of all kinds of different backgrounds, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion or other categories typically protected by law.

The history of HRM

We began in 2002 as a local Atlanta-area church ministry, as a part of its community outreach. As the community outreach developed, a larger vision to unite churches for greater impact on the community was embraced by local churches.

By 2007, needs began to come to HRM from non-profits and local support agencies. By 2008, we helped other churches start ministries and became a network "hub" to connect needs, resources, and teams. In 2014, we added a second Hub to serve the needs of hurting people in Downtown/Urban Atlanta.

To meet these growing needs we have launched an initiative, and this website, to expand home repairs ministries into local churches across the country, and through these ministries, to unite churches and serve communities. Together we believe we can serve and reach many more with God's love. We ultimately seek to bring glory to Jesus Christ by meeting real physical and spiritual needs in our communities.

For an example of churches connecting and serving together to change their community, check out Unite!. Unite! is an Atlanta-area network of churches coming from a broad spectrum of denominations and cultural and ethnic backgrounds, each committed to declaring to the community with deeds that which they declare with words in their respective churches.