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November 2013 Newsletter - A Diagnosis and a Dilemma

Nicolae and Cornelia

Cornelia, Nicolae and I

Nicolae and Cornelia are Romanian immigrants. They are a young family with two children - an infant and a two year-old.

Our paths crossed when a home health nurse, who knew of HRM through their help lists, called us.

Nicolae was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s disease) in 2011, which turned the family’s world upside-down. As the disease progressed, it left him unable to walk, limited the use of his hands and greatly affected his ability to talk. This has put a lot more responsibility on Cornelia, who now cares for her husband along with two young children.

Nicolae & Cornelia's HouseMaking matters much more difficult was the house itself. The main floor is well above ground-level and the garage is a drive-under. That made getting Nicolae to the car very difficult. With all the stairs and slopes, just getting in and out was becoming a major issue.

We knew that a wheelchair ramp was needed. As Cornelia said, “...we really needed this ramp, in order to get out for… going to the doctor or shopping…”

Nicolae and Cornelia's Story - A Video Testimonial

God Provides - How the Ramp Got Funded

Building the Ramp and Bringing Relief

More Pictures and Videos from the Project

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