Welcome to Home Repair Ministries, Inc.

2011 Year in Review

Here is what your support and prayers have helped accomplish in 2011:

  • We have completed 50 projects large and small, from re-roofing to patching stucco
  • We have had volunteers from 16 different churches plus consulted at others that are pulling teams together (including two from out-of-state)
  • Several businesses have either sent volunteers (35 from one), donated materials (e.g. 140 yards of carpet), provided large discounts, or provided us office space
  • We have served eight other non-profits, mostly in large projects such as building out a basement area for a thrift shop, designing and building storage systems, etc.
  • We have collaborated with several other serving ministries to help others, sharing materials and storage space, providing skilled people, etc.
  • Referrals have come from 5 different agencies plus social workers from several other hospitals, nursing homes, and in-home healthcare agencies
  • We have networked with a group of home repair agencies from all over the Metro-Atlanta area on a regular basis
  • We have dates to represent the HRM model in four churches by the end of the year


Thank you for all you have helped us to accomplish! If you can financially support us again to prepare for year-end and 2012 it would mean the world to us.

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