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May 2008 Home Repairs Ministries Newsletter

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Pass Christian, Mississippi

Last October, HRM was involved in helping churches to frame houses in their parking lots and erecting them in Pass Christian, MS. In April we took a April 2008 Pass Christianfollow- up trip.

It was Lawrence S's home that HRM volunteers erected in October. We got reacquainted and prayed with him. He was ill, although he insisted on helping to put the house up. This trip, he is living in the house and seemed to be much stronger. He is grateful for all of the volunteers and churches that contributed to getting him into his own place. I think the giving was a clear testimony to the love of Christ for many of these homeowners.

We felt blessed to work with Glenn C. to get siding on two sides of his house. Although that might not sound like a big deal, the house begins about 12 feet above ground (flood area requirement); you can see the rest in the photo. Note: NO HRM volunteer is asked to go beyond his comfort limits. Various churches have helped Glenn and we were able to help complete one more piece for him. He has spent the last 2+ years fighting through insurance challenges, FEMA red tape, plan approvals, etc. Unlike most others, Glenn is the lead person on his house. It is a privilege to help him; he expressed a deep sense of thankfulness for the care and labor of so many Christians. Please pray that the Lord will draw Glenn ever closer to Himself.

Skip B. is an elderly gentlemen in poor health but is heavily involved with his church's community outreach. His house is nearly complete and two of us took a few hours to install interior window trim as he will soon be moving in. His house plan includes an elevator as his health condition will soon keep him from climbing stairs to the main floor.

This very rewarding weekend was sponsored by East Cobb Presbyterian Church. It was so encouraging to see how the body of Christ has come together to serve this community. Please continue to pray that God will draw more to himself through the labor of his people.

Labor of Love

East Cobb Presbyterian has been busy! They took a referral that HRM got from a senior citizen's group and is helping a disabled widow in the Kennesaw area with some challenging situations. They have helped get her set up with a roofer, reworked her front steps for safety, and replaced major parts of her deck and steps down to the back yard. But that's just the physical part. The guys on the project engaged in deep conversations with the family about addictions and pointed them toward Christ. One of her children was finally convinced to go to detox, and had to be transported by ambulance as she was so sick. The ECPC guys have identified some options for longer term rehab if she is really ready. The son, who claims to have made a commitment to the Lord years ago, is moving toward Christ. That kind of story makes all of the hours and sweat worthwhile. Hammers and saws are a demonstration of the Love of Christ that we always hope will move from the temporal to the eternal. You are a great example, ECPC, thanks!

Play Golf?

Mark your calendars for the Home Repairs Golf Tournament, April 29, 2009 at Olde Atlanta Golf Club in Suwanee!

Nailing Things Down

Upcoming Projects


  • We have a window framing project in Doraville. Looking for skilled carpenters, and willing hearts
  • Look for our weekly emails for upcoming projects
  • If you call us, we'll be able to put you to work for the Savior. If you don't call, we may get around to calling you at some point, but you're missing the blessing in the meantime!
  • We have a growing group of people available during the week - some between jobs, retired or just have really flexible schedules. How about you? Again, pick up the phone or email Harvey.

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Home Repairs Ministries, Inc. is a non-profit ministry serving the elderly, widowed, disabled homeowners, and others in need by helping with maintenance, safety issues, and repairs. For additional information about the ministry, call, email or write us.

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Neale Hightower - Harvey Anderson
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